Velvet vs Fleece vs Cotton Hoodie

Velvet vs Fleece vs Cotton Hoodie – Velvet, fleece and cotton are all commonly used fabrics for making hoodies. What are the characteristics of these three fabrics for hoodies? How should people choose?

1) What is velvet fabric ?

Velvet is thick flat fabric or a series of small loops of curly fabric on the front. This fabric is thick, soft to the touch, no pilling, and has tightly-knit piles or loops with a bright color. Elegant, the fabric is strong and wear-resistant, not easy to fade, and has good resilience. Velvet has certain thermal insulation properties and is suitable for making autumn and winter clothing. It is a fabric with a long history and is very popular.

Velvet vs Fleece vs Cotton Hoodie

2) What is fleece fabric ?

Fleece is a soft synthetic fabric that feels like wool, is lightweight and warm, and is often used in outdoor sportswear and winter outerwear. It has high thermal insulation properties and can quickly absorb and eliminate moisture to keep the body dry. The fleece is soft and comfortable, making it ideal as a midlayer or lining for extra warmth.

Velvet vs Fleece vs Cotton Hoodie

In addition to making hoodies, Fleece is also another very popular fabric–oodie, a casual warm clothes commonly used in winter home. It has a very good thermal insulation effect and is deeply loved by European and American friends.


3) What is cotton fabric ?

Cotton is a relatively cheap, light, thin, and soft fabric that is often used in a variety of different textile products. It should be the fabric we are most familiar with. The hoodie made of cotton is relatively thin and suitable for transitional clothing before the cold winter (autumn) and after the cold winter (spring).


4) How to choose these three fabrics?

Ranking according to the warmth retention ability, fleece has the strongest warmth retention, velvet has the second highest warmth retention, and Cotton has the weakest warmth retention among the three. Or we can simply divide them according to temperature.

In weather with a temperature of 15-20℃, it is better to choose cotton hoodie, which is relatively thin and not stuffy;

If the temperature is 10-15℃, it is better to choose velvet hoodie, the temperature is very moderate;

When the temperature is below 10℃, we can choose a fleece hoodie, which has the best warmth.

Therefore, we can have one hoodie of each of these three fabrics and put it in the wardrobe. Because there is no conflict between them.

Anyway, the feel of these three fabrics is completely different, so you can also choose based on your personal preference for the feel of the fabric. If you like a brighter look, you can choose velvet hoodie.

Velvet vs Fleece vs Cotton Hoodie

5) What sparks will be produced when different fabrics are mixed together?

When different fabrics are mixed together, the new fabric can incorporate the advantages of different fabrics.

For example, our Model TX-M018:
480 GSM Oversize Upper 92.5% Cotton 7.5% Spandex / Lining 100% Velvet Hoodies.
The outer layer is mainly cotton fabric, so it is very easy to care for. The inner layer is velvet fabric, which is smooth, soft and warm.

velvet hoodie

Another example, our Model No.TX-M063:
500 GSM Oversize Upper 100% Combed Cotton Lining Berber Fleece Hoodies.
The outer layer is mainly cotton fabric, and the inner layer is fleece fabric. So no worries about cold winter.

Fleece hoodie

If you have time, feel free to visit our hoodie catalog, which has many different weights, fabrics and styles. I believe you will definitely make new discoveries and ideas.