How to print logo on t-shirt?

How to print logo on t-shirt ? 

If you have a great design and are keen on personalized clothing, you may want to put a logo on the T-shirt.

In order to show your company’s brand or corporate culture, you may also want to put a logo on a T-shirt.

The following are some common ways to print logo on T-shirts:


1. What is Screen printing?

Screen printing is the most traditional way of logo printing. Now screen printing has been able to use different ink types to achieve a variety of different printing effects, such as water print, paste print and puff print. According to the different colors contained in the logo, it needs to make a unique screen for each color. And it needs to print the screens one by one. So after layer-by-layer printing, the full patterns printing will be finished. So the main cost of screen printing is the making of the screens. Since one color requires one screen, the more colors the logo has, the higher the printing cost will be required.

How to print logo on t-shirt

2. What is Heat transfer printing?

This is a common digital printing method. The logo is first printed on transfer paper through professional computer printing equipment, and then the pattern on the transfer paper is transferred to the T-shirt through a hot stamping machine. The printing quality and cost of heat transfer printing are related to the quality of computer professional printing equipment, transfer paper and hot stamping machines. Advanced machines, good quality transfer paper, workers skilled in operating the machines, etc. will all affect the quality and cost of logo printing.

How to print logo on t-shirt

3. What is Sublimation printing?

This is another digital printing method, mainly used on T-shirts made of polyester. Generally, the pattern is integrated into the fabric through a drum-type sublimation machine. Therefore, when you touch the pattern of Sublimation printing with your hand, there will be no gelatinous feeling. It feels like it is touching the T-shirt fabric directly and feels good. This is different feeling from the patterns of heat transfer printing. Sublimation printing is usually to make all over printing t-shirts.

Sublimation printing

4. What is Direct to garment printing?

Usually says DTG, this is a more expensive printing method. The ink is sprayed directly onto the T-shirt through direct injection equipment. The pattern and fabric are well integrated, so the hand feel is better. The printed pattern effect can also be restored to a high degree. It can also create some complex patterns that are difficult to complete with screen printing and heat transfer printing, such as gradient colors or fog dot patterns. The printing quality of direct to garment printing is much better than that of Sublimation printing, but because it is more expensive, it is generally used on T-shirts that require high-quality printing.

DTG printing

5. How to choose the best printing?

Therefore, to choose the appropriate printing method, we need to consider the use of the clothes, the type of fabric and the requirements for pattern quality. We can choose according to our actual needs.


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