Is dry fit polyester?

1. What is dry fit fabric?

Dry fit is a fabric specifically used for sports, made of microfiber, which can quickly transfer sweat from the skin to the surface of the clothes and evaporate. So it has good breathability and can keep the skin dry and comfortable during exercise. Because the composition of the fabric is usually 100% polyester, or a blend of a large proportion of polyester and a small proportion of cotton or spandex, so people often call dry fit fabrics as quick dry polyester.

Is dry fit polyester

2. What does dry fit fabric look like?

The surface of common dry fit fabrics will have very small gaps regularly distributed. Due to the existence of these small gaps, the dry fit fabric has a good moisture absorption and perspiration effect. Based on the differences in the size and shape of these gaps, people develop a series of dry fit fabrics gradually. The most common ones are pinhole quick-drying polyester fabrics and bird’s-eye quick-drying polyester fabrics.

pinhole quick-drying polyester

As shown in above picture, it is pinhole dry fit polyester fabric. As you can see, these holes are very small and look like small holes pierced by needles. So people call it pinhole quick-drying polyester fabric.

Is dry fit polyester

Another, as shown in above picture , it is bird’s eye dry fit polyester fabric. It can be seen that the surface of the fabric is made up of many bird’s eye shapes. Because it looks like bird’s eyes, so people call it bird’s eye quick-drying polyester fabric.

3. The advantages of dry fit fabric

1) The fabric is lightweight.

The weight of dry fit fabrics is generally between 140GSM – 200GSM. Clothes with this weight feel light on the body and will not affect the performance of body movements during strenuous exercise.

2) Breathability.

Due to the existence of small holes in the fabric, it can achieve a good breathable and sweat-wicking effect.

3) Easy to care for.

Polyester fabric is stain-resistant and easy to wash. You can just put it in the washing machine and do not need to take special care of the fabric.

4) High cost performance.

It is almost easy to find low-priced dry fit fabric wholesale markets in China.

Based on the above advantages, people have huge demand for dry fit fabrics. So people widely use the dry fit fabrics in making various sportswear.


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