Ring Spun vs Combed Cotton T-shirt

Ring Spun vs Combed Cotton – In our daily life, we prefer to wear comfortable clothes, especially in the hot summer. As a popular casual wear, T-shirts are comfortable, light, breathable fabrics, simple and versatile. T-shirts can be easily perfect matched with casual pants, jeans, sports pants, baseball caps, casual hats, sports shoes and casual shoes, etc.

However, there are many kinds of T-shirt fabrics, such as the ring spun cotton and combed cotton. How should we choose the T-shirt fabric?

1. What is ring spun cotton?

Ring spun cotton refers to cotton fabric made by ring spinning method. Ring spun cotton is the most commonly used fabric on the market nowadays. It is popular by people for its skin-friendly, breathable and cost-effective characteristics. Moreover, Ring spun cotton is an environmentally friendly textile raw material, made using environmentally friendly spinning technology, and has the softness and comfort of natural fibers.

Ring Spun vs Combed Cotton T-shirt

2. Characteristics of ring spun cotton

1) Comfort:

Made of natural cotton fiber, soft and breathable, keeping skin comfortable. Whether it is daily wear or sports, it can give you a comfortable wearing experience.

2) Hygroscopicity:

It has strong hygroscopicity, can quickly absorb and wick away sweat, and remains breathable. This feature makes the Ring spun cotton t-shirt ideal for hot summer weather, keeping you away from the wet and sticky feeling.

3) Environmental protection:

Ring spun cotton fiber is processed using environmentally friendly spinning technology and does not use chemicals or harmful substances. It does not pollute the environment during the production process. It is in line with modern people’s values of environmental protection and sustainable development.

4) Durability:

Made of Ring spun cotton fiber, it has high strength and durability. Even after being washed and worn many times, ring spun cotton t-shirts can maintain their original shape and texture and are not easy to wear and deform.

What we have for Ring Spun cotton T-shirts?

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3. What is combed cotton?

Combed cotton is also a kind of cotton fabric. It mainly uses a combing machine to remove short fibers and impurities in cotton fibers, leaving longer and neat fibers to make smooth yarn, making the cotton more tough and less prone to pilling, and the quality of the cotton is also improved. It’s more stable.

Ring Spun vs Combed Cotton T-shirt

4. Characteristics of combed cotton

1) Good comfort.

The texture is soft and fine. Due to its longer fibers and smooth surface, combed cotton feels soft and comfortable and has good breathability when worn.

2) Strong hygroscopicity.

Combed cotton fibers have large internal voids, so they have good hygroscopicity.

3) Strong wear resistance.

Due to the high fiber strength, combed cotton is not easy to deform and wear, and has a long service life.

4) Good durability.

The fiber structure of combed cotton is tight, making the fabric durable, washable and less prone to pilling.

Combed Cotton T-shirt

5. Ring Spun vs Combed Cotton

We will compare with fabric quality, breathability, drape, price, etc.

1) Fabric quality.

Ring spun cotton is a cotton yarn spun without combing. Combined cotton is smoother and flatter, and the surface of the fabric comes out smooth without neps.

2) Breathability.

Ring spun cotton is mainly thin and light, while Combed Cotton is relatively thicker. Therefore, ring spun cotton fabric will be more breathable.

3) Drapability.

Ring spun cotton fabric has better drape because it is light and thin. The combed cotton fabric is thicker, so it wrinkles more easily.

4) Price.

Combed cotton fabric is more expensive. Ring spun cotton fabric is lower price and has better cost performance.

Combed Cotton T-shirt

6. How should we choose suitable T-shirt fabric?

We should choose the right T-shirt based on our actual needs for the T-shirt.

So, T-shirt with better fabric quality may not be the best reason for purchasing.

For example, in hot summer, people who need to work or exercise outdoors may choose the lighter and more breathable ring spun cotton T-shirt.

And people who work in an air-conditioned office may choose a thicker Combed Cotton T-shirt.

So, my friend, Ring Spun vs Combed Cotton, which one do you prefer?


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