How to choose cotton or polyester shirts?

How to choose cotton or polyester shirts should be selected according to the usage and the advantages and disadvantages.

Cotton is a natural material, which is a fiber fabric made of cotton. It is soft, delicate, sweat absorbing and breathable, and has a natural skin affinity. Our ordinary consumers have a high acceptance of cotton, especially pure cotton. It is one of the fabrics with the most ingredients in our daily fashion items.

Polyester is a synthetic fiber. Good strength and abrasion resistance, good elasticity, good wrinkle resistance, smooth and soft feel, and low price. It is commonly used in promotional, advertising, election, activities, celebrations and other clothing products.

In addition to the advantages of cotton and polyester, they also have their own disadvantages.

Cotton has a prominent disadvantage – it is easy to wrinkle and deform after washing and wearing.

The disadvantages of polyester are poor moisture absorption, stuffiness, not breathable and easy pilling